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Dec '11 10

3D Printing

I saw a RepRap at Linux Conf AU some years ago, Its a computer controlled printer that uses ABS or PLA plastic to create 3d parts. I’ve been following it off and on for a while. Its getting cheaper and … Continue reading

Jan '11 24

Linix Conf 09

Went to see Andrew Bartlet speak about AD and Samba4, some interesting stuffwill have to check this out and do a test setup for Andrew. Spoke with him on the way back from the Professional Delegates Night, and got his … Continue reading

Jan '11 24

Linux Conf 2011

Attended Linux conf again this year, here are some projects that interested me Bdale’s Greenhouse Ardino shield I-Plugpower point monitoring and managment (Home automation) Arduino Shield List Wihat Arduino and wifly shield and gps shield for war driving PCB manufacture … Continue reading

Jun '10 29

PyconAu 2010

Went to the first PyconAu 2010 conference on the weekend, there was some interesting stuff there that i’ll list below import future – threading with worker limits iPad game called Halogen Infinate 8bit plat-former – source at bzr repository Cocos2d – … Continue reading