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Film and Annimation

Jul '13 14

Video Editing

I was having problems with Vegas Pro 12.0 today (as usual). The render would just randomly stop. After reading a few forum and blogs, looks like the settings to change are: Max Threads = max cores (8) GPU accel = … Continue reading

May '10 05

Sketch Board

Found this nice Java app that you can draw a sketch with then import it into blender

Dec '09 27

Film storyboard

I’ve created a new category for Film, since I’ve been doing a bit of work trying to do some stuff for the kids. I’ve found the kids have good idea’s (better than me, i lack that sort of imagination), but … Continue reading

Oct '09 25

Blender and CG animation rigging

I’ve been playing around with Blender to generate a Lego shorts, some links to rigging that may be helpfull: Character Animation Armatures Rigging Mechanics Blenders Summer of Documentation (BSoD) Tutorials Blender Manual / Wiki / Resources / Tutorials Blender Essentials … Continue reading

Oct '09 19

Blender and stop motion animation

Blender is powerful 3D modeling application that is Open source, Although the GUI does take some getting use to, here is a basic tutorial to get you started as well as the normal Blender  Tutorials. I’ve been playing around with … Continue reading

Oct '09 19

Durian – An Open Movie

Good to see Blender are planning another free open source movie, Durian. From the looks of the Specs, its going to be impressive, cant wait to see what they come up with.