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Jul '13 14

Video Editing

I was having problems with Vegas Pro 12.0 today (as usual). The render would just randomly stop. After reading a few forum and blogs, looks like the settings to change are: Max Threads = max cores (8) GPU accel = … Continue reading

Nov '12 08

BSOD analyze

I always forget how to get the driver info out of windbg !analyze -v;r;kv;lmtn;lmtsmn;.bugcheck;!sysinfo cpuinfo;!sysinfo machineid; !sysinfo cpuspeed; !sysinfo smbios .logclose If your getting errors about symbols, use !symfix remember to restart windbg afterwards.

Nov '11 06

3D Mark

i7-860 @ 3.56Ghz with XFX-5870 1GB GPU P4533 3DMarks i7-860 @ 3.57Ghz with MSI FZ3-570 770Mhz 1.28GB GPU P5895 3DMarks Heaven 2.5 Score 1092 ~43.4FPS i7-860 @ 3.57Ghz with MSI FZ3-570 850Mhz @ +43mv 1.28GB 2200Ghz @ +10mv GPU P6341 … Continue reading

Aug '10 14

Game Engines

I’ve been looking to create a game for the boys for ages, i’ve looked a GameMaker and a few other, i still like the idea of Pygame, and other extensions. For real gaming, i’m leaning towards a full 3d environment, like … Continue reading

Apr '10 15

SSH and port forwarding

I seem to forget every time i use ssh for port forwarding which side goes where in the syntax, so to make it easy here it is. Forward a local port to a remote port at the far end, ie: … Continue reading

Mar '10 03

Scheduled Tasks

Vista / Windows 7 UAC is a pain, OpenVpn is poping up a UAC prompt every time i boot windows, one way to get around it is turn off UAC, however thats not a great solution. Another way around it, … Continue reading

Aug '09 01

Debian 5 on Microsoft Vitrual PC

To be able to test a Debian 5 Mirror install, I setup virtual PC on XP, as i had the environment already. The new Kernel kills the VM by default, so press TAB on the “Install” prompt, then enter the … Continue reading

Apr '09 01


Trying to figure out the best program(s) to use to RIP my DVDs to my server HDD for viewing on the Popcorn hour. The Forum has a link to a few of them Also AutoGK is good for ripping to … Continue reading