Aug '10 14

Game Engines

I’ve been looking to create a game for the boys for ages, i’ve looked a GameMaker and a few other, i still like the idea of Pygame, and other extensions. For real gaming, i’m leaning towards a full 3d environment, like Blender Game Engine, Unity3D or UDK.

Each have their strengths, i think Blender would suit me, as i know the UI now, so its just a matter of working out the rigging / animation and game engine physics more. While Unity has all you need for a simple game out of the box, and UDK is the bee’s knees when it comes to a full game engine, with high performance, and great graphics, but its UI is clutered, and is targeted at FPS’s.

Unity doesnt have easy to find tutorials, a few on the main Unity site and some Vid’s plus there are some on Buzz.