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Feb '11 07

Minecraft creating Circles and updates

Crafting circles in Minecraft is pretty hard, due to block size etc. the following lists some info on circles, spheres, texture packs and mods. Perfect Sphere and some Blueprints A Python program to show circles in Ascii Texture Pack List … Continue reading

Oct '10 05

Medal of Honor (MoH): Initial Impressions

Played the MoH Beta today, seems quite good, very CoD like, people running around like headless chooks, Rambo style seems to work well, Run in pray and spray style. Guns seem balanced well, dont have to use a full clip … Continue reading

Aug '10 14

Game Engines

I’ve been looking to create a game for the boys for ages, i’ve looked a GameMaker and a few other, i still like the idea of Pygame, and other extensions. For real gaming, i’m leaning towards a full 3d environment, like … Continue reading

Aug '10 02

Bad Company 2 Weapons

TIP: For Assult and Engi, Improved Explosives is a must! Assult AN-94 (with x4) or M16A2 or M416 (dot) M1911, 40mm GL, 4x Opt, Explmk2, V Alt W or V Armor Engineer XM8c (best gun) or AKS-74U (med range) or Saiga (Short Range) … Continue reading

Apr '10 23

Bad Company 2

I’ve been Getting into Bad Company 2 playing Multiplayer with the Guys from Work, so i thought i’d jot down some notes here on the weapons, as i’m always forgetting the different weapons. Assult 1911 Pistol M416 / Xm8 Extra Grenades … Continue reading

Dec '09 05

Wii Brew

Info on Wii IOS versions including Stubs. HardWii is good site on Wii updates