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Bad Company 2 Weapons

TIP: For Assult and Engi, Improved Explosives is a must!


  • AN-94 (with x4) or M16A2 or M416 (dot)
  • M1911, 40mm GL, 4x Opt, Explmk2, V Alt W or V Armor


  • XM8c (best gun) or AKS-74U (med range) or Saiga (Short Range)
  • Tracer, M2 CG, 4x scope, Explmk2, V Alt W or V Armor


  • MG3 (high rate of fire) or XM8 LMG
  • M1911, Defib, Red Dot or Extra Grenades, Body AR, V Alt W


  • M24 (long range) or VSS (short – Med range) or Saiga (Short range)
  • M1911, Mortar, 12x Scope, Mgnm Am, V Alt W

3 Responses to Bad Company 2 Weapons

  1. JoffaDan says:

    Engi: Cut Down XM8 with 4x scope. Gustav. High explosive damage

    Assualt: Never really play it but M4 with launcher when I do. High explosive damage

    Sniper: M24 20x w/ larger bullets perk (more damage) VSS on the CQB maps

    Medic: XM8 w/higher accuracy perk

  2. detheater says:

    » M16A2 with> x4 rifle scope, 40MM Grenade, Magnum Ammunition
    » M416 (dot) (close quater fighting)
    » Tracer or M1911

    » XM-08 Compact with> x4 rifle scope, Improved Demolitions
    » M2 Carl Gustav AT
    » Tracer or M1911

    » M60 LMG with> x4 rifle scope, Magnum Ammunition
    » Tracer or M1911

    » M24 Sniper with 12x High Power Scope, Mortar, Magnum Ammunition or VSS Snaiperskaya Special with x4 rifle scopeMortar or C4, Magnum Ammunition
    » M1911

  3. DM-ROO says:

    Medi: have to say I like the Type 88 LMG, personal choice 😉
    At the moment Im not good enough to actually give a comment that is worth taking into consideration.

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