Dec '09 27

Film storyboard

I’ve created a new category for Film, since I’ve been doing a bit of work trying to do some stuff for the kids. I’ve found the kids have good idea’s (better than me, i lack that sort of imagination), but to get them into a project, i need to have a story board, something to work to otherwise its too wishy-washy.

So i started looking for a program to do story boarding, there is a list of programs for Hobby Filmmakers, which includes celtx, although that may be overboard for what i want.  I did find a post that mentions Springboard, which does look promising, you do need a tablet however, which suits me, i haven’t used mine much since i bought it. There is also Frame Forge 3D Core, that has a number of life like characters, and can do nice story boarding, but takes a bit to learn it. I should also mention that Project Durian uses MyPaint to do concept art for the pre-production pipeline.

Another note-worth app is Googles Sketchup, of particular interest is the 3D-Warehouse with a ton of models you can download. You can then use Sketchup to export to .DAE format, then import that into Blender.

I’ve also downloaded a few 3D programs, these are different to blender, basically the program’s are free, but the models have to be bought, you cant really make your own. Daz Studio 3 which does look nice (life-like), and Xtranormal‘s State, Which uses character Paks, which are more cartoon-like, in a sort of scripted environment. It uses Text to speech for the voices, and has a number of poses the characters can do.