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Sep '11 11

Slash Desert Rat

The Kids designed and help paint my new Desert Rat body for the Slash.

Sep '11 11

Mini E-Revo Stats

JoffaDan’s Mini E-Revo Sped runs on 2S2P 2200mah Top Speed:         36.9 Mph (59Kph) Max AMPs:         55.76 A 3S1P 2200mah Top Speed:        85.75 Kph (6 runs averaged 80Kph, 7th one … Continue reading

Jul '11 22

Slash Speed Runs

Did some Speed runs with the Slash on the Bitumen, quite impressed. UPDATE: Top Speed 97km/h Stock 4000Mah Nimh, Std Pinion (13/54T), Center Slipper Top Speed 50kph Max Amps 72A Motor Temp 25c Turnigy 5200Mah 2S LiPo, Std Pinion (13/54T), … Continue reading

May '11 17

E-Maxx Lowrider

Upgraded the E-Maxx to new Big Bore shocks, and Aluminium knuckles. Didnt quite work out as planned, sits way too low. I’ve got some Losi 4.1 rate light blue 2.5″ springs for the 4 corners (not all 8 shocks), will … Continue reading

Apr '11 24

Slash VXL 4×4 Short Course Truck

Got a new RC truck a few weeks ago, mainly for the kids to be able to drive when i’m driving my truck. However, I’ve been having more fun with it than they have. Great little truck for the BMX … Continue reading

Apr '11 03

Stampede and Slash Battery Tray Sizes

Been researching different battery sizes, here’s what i found Stampede 2wd VXL – 138 x 46 x 26 or 36 with optional expansion (3725X) Slash 4×4 VXL           – 166 x 49 x 25 or 44 … Continue reading

Apr '11 03

E-Maxx Specs

Put the Data Logger and GPS on the E-Maxx today, here’s the stats Max 2S in 1st gear 22 kph Max 2S in 2nd gear 45 kph Max Amps on 2S 110.8 A Max 3S in 2ng Gear 51 kph … Continue reading

Apr '11 02

Tyre Blow-out

Turns out i was wrong, it does matter if you get the foam inside the tyre wet. While it all seemed OK on 2S, when i dropped the 3S in for a burst, I had a tyre blow-out. Spose that means all … Continue reading