Sep '13 09

iptraf for Monitoring Bandwidth

I’ve used iptraf for years, but never been able to get the filter to work properly to exclude the ssh sessions. I found a good post about filtering ssh on iptraf, and when used with ip traffic on all interfaces it shows traffic through the Linux box.

  • Create a new filter, add a new entry and set the dest port to “22 to 0 ” and Y for TCP, E for Exclude and Y to match opposite, Enter to save
  • Add a second entry with ALL IP protocols set to Y and I for Include, Enter to save
  • Press X to save the filter (CTRL+X Cancels!)
  • Apply the Filter.

Also a few other tools for checking interfaces and Bandwidth

  • bmon
  • slurm
  • iftop -nNbP -i ppp0
  • tcptrack -i ppp0
  • pktstat -n -i ppp0
  • vnstat
  • bwm-ng
  • cbm
  • speedometer
  • sktstat
  • netwatch