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RC Drifter TT01-D

I bought a Tamiya TT01-D Drifter kit, being a kit you have to assemble everything, cut every piece of plastic from the sheet and assemble all of it. The Missus sprayed the body for me, its a purple pearl with a charcoal base, not sure why it came out as a blue car with purple tinge, but looks great anyway. I’ve added an Aluminium Propeller shaft, locked (spool) rear diff. and ground the chassis to take a LiPo battery, plus a LiPo alarm on the way. I’m not happy with the Fatuba S3003 servo for steering, so i have a Traxxas 2070 on the way, hope it works better with the traxxas reciever.

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  1. Michael says:

    Helicopters>Cars :p

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