Mar '12 06

Kerberos Auth in squid

Look like i’ll need to check out how to use kerberos auth in squid rather than ntlm

[2012/03/06 15:25:47.488709, 1] libsmb/ntlmssp.c:342(ntlmssp_update)
got NTLMSSP command 3, expected 1

“The “3” and “1” have been explained as the difference between NTLM vs Kerberos. 
As far as I can tell “3” means Kerberos is being used. “1” is NTLM. 
The ntlm_auth helper only checks NTLM and the squid_kerb_auth helper is needed instead for Kerberos. 
Looks to me like the client is broken and using Kerberos when offered NTLM as the only available auth option. “

Nice Article about Kerberos may help