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Apr '12 28

Slash Bash

Went for a Bash with Joffa today, nice jump, got some good air time. Joffa’s done a top job on the Vid as usual.

Apr '12 20

Packet dump on Cisco

Finally found a way to dump packets on a Cisco Router for tracing. Router (config)# logging buffered 15000 (this creates a large enough buffer to look at locally on the router,or you can configure the router to log the ACL … Continue reading

Apr '12 13

MY Current RC’s

HobbyKing Clouds Fly, powered plane, 1300mm wingspan, good to learn on, easy to fly, and cheap. I’ve got a mini spy camera to fit to it with a transmitter and OSD (on screen display), once i’ve got it all fitted … Continue reading

Mar '12 11

Teksumo flying wing

Ordered a new flying wing for myself, the Teksumo looks like it will be a good versatile wing, a bit cheaper than the Swift II, and easier to handle than the Ritewing Zephyr II.

Mar '12 06

Kerberos Auth in squid

Look like i’ll need to check out how to use kerberos auth in squid rather than ntlm [2012/03/06 15:25:47.488709, 1] libsmb/ntlmssp.c:342(ntlmssp_update) got NTLMSSP command 3, expected 1 “The “3” and “1” have been explained as the difference between NTLM vs Kerberos.  … Continue reading

Mar '12 03

E-Maxx Upgrades

It seems only the Chassis and Bulkheads are still original on my E-Maxx, lol. Here’s a list of the different upgrades i’ve done to my Brushless E-Maxx. Proline Chevy and Ford Body’s one with FPV gear, for on-board footage. Traxxas 2 … Continue reading

Feb '12 03

E-Maxx Body

Kids designed and painted a new ’72 Chevy body for the E-Maxx, I’m happy with the results. Blend from blue to green turned out ok, red cross on the roof reminds me of the Dukes of Hazzard, lol.

Feb '12 02

NQD Jet Boat Stats

Did some speed runs in the jet boat, wasnt mirror flat water, so can get faster if there wasnt any wind. 2S – 2200 Speed 22.4 kmh Motor 18000 RPM 38c ESC 35A @ 43c Battery 28c 3S – 2200 … Continue reading